Yeah, it’s me, in Bratislava (Slovakia)


my name is Diego Díaz Abad, I am an international volunteer in the organization Hnutí Brontosaurus Modrý kámen (Czech Republic), and this is the website of my European Voluntary Service project.

Here you can find all information related to my project 'Bridge in the valley' as well as articles, stories and photos of some of my experiences (including events, trips and other activities). I hope you find it interesting and, above all, you spend a good time with my adventures.

Key words: European Voluntary Service (EVS); volunteering;  NGO; environmental education; “Bridge in the valley”; EVC Švýcárna; Hnutí Brontosaurus Modrý kámen; Adamov & Brno (Czech Republic)

This website is like my memories, so it’s like being in my brain for a while!
I don’t know exactly what is my role here...
My good conscience